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In the world of marketing today, you rarely hear about direct mail campaigns. We are moving with the pace of technology and have since embraced digital marketing as the solution for all our marketing needs. Most people will tell you that using direct mail for marketing is like using a horse-pulled cart to go to work. However, direct mail still has a lot to offer, and if you had written it off, this is the time you change your mind. Here are seven ways to help you update your direct mail campaigns:

1. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphic Aids 

Today, people have short attention spans. Sending them direct mail with huge blocks of text scares them away. To improve the chances of your mail getting read, include high-quality photos and graphic aids to help give the visual context of your message. Photos give visual clues about what the message is about. It helps pique the interest of your readers for the message you want them to act upon. Visual aids can increase your chances of meeting the overall goal of your direct mail campaign.

High-quality photos and graphics also improve the readability of your message by breaking up blocks of text and giving your readers a moment to reflect on what they are reading. This helps them make timely decisions about your products and services you have shared with them in the direct mail.

For your assisted living facility, do not use images of the buildings. Use images of the seniors having a light moment, or use a photo of one of your regular sessions. Using images of people help create emotions which make the readers relate with your story.

2. Make Your Copy Conversational

One of the best ways to ensure that your direct mail creates an impact is to write it in a conversational style. Address the reader like you would address your friend. When possible, use ‘you’ to put them in the picture as they read the message. Most importantly, write for one person— let the reader feel like the message was addressed specifically to them. This way, your direct mail will be read by many people who feel a deep connection with your brand and all that you do in your assisted living facility.

A conversational copy is personable. It bridges the gap between you and the reader. When they read the direct mail, it sounds like you are speaking to them. The closeness that the reader feels while reading a conversational copy endears them to your brand to a point where they feel they owe you a reply or commitment to the request in your message. Conversational copy appeals to the reader’s emotional spheres and persuades him to take the next step—in the interest of your organization.


3. Keep the Layout Simple

Do not let aesthetics complicate your direct mail layout. Make the layout as simple as possible. Make it easy for the reader to read from the heading to the Call to Action (CTA) without hassle. Avoid graphics that make the message too hard to understand. Also, use a consistent font to keep the readers engrossed in your narration. If you complicate the layout of the direct mail, the reader will lose interest and won’t read all the way to the CTA.

4. Make the Calls to Action (CTA) Stronger

Most people get lost in the outlook of the direct mail that they forget to curate the strongest CTA. The Call to Action is important because it gives the reader the next step to take after reading your story. Do you want them to sign the next visiting card? Do you want them to come and interact with the seniors at the facility? Or do you want them to call you whenever they have a senior they would love to take to an assisted living facility? Make the CTA clear, so that your readers do not have to ask “What next?” after reading your direct mail.

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5. Use the Company’s Visual and Copy Brands to Boost Brand Identity

With so many communication modes from your organization, it can be hard to tell which one the reader has interacted with. Have they read your website? Have they received your emails? Using visual brands like logos, colors, and fonts help the reader to connect with your brand at first sight. Copy brands like mottos help you create a memory in your reader’s mind.

Some people can ignore the mail at first glance. When you use your company’s visual brands, they make a quick decision to explore because they know what to expect from your communication.

6. Make Your Facilities Relatable

When you send mail about your facilities, do not just make them a list. Instead, find a way to relate the facilities to their contribution. How does facility X make life better in your assisted living facility? For example, if you want to talk about your facility having a library, say something like “we have a library where seniors can find solitude and explore different adventures in books.”

Having the facility is never enough, people always want to know how the facility is improving the quality of life for residents. When you link facility X and improved quality of life, the reader sees its necessity and will most likely consider it as a factor when they are looking for an assisted living facility.

7. Make the Copy Thematic

Thematic copy helps your reader to understand your frame of mind when you sent the mail. The reader understands what your current concerns are and how they can give appropriate support. Also, thematic copy gives you the opportunity to use more colorful graphics and improve the aesthetics of your direct mail. The themes could be about anything, including the weather, food, or a time in history.

While most people think that direct mail is not effective, it can help you keep your mail more personal and improve your reputation. These tips will help you improve the outcomes of your direct mail campaigns. For more information on what we do or for a free consultation, give us a call at (844) 408-4081.

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