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How much video are you using in your social media marketing campaigns? Video is the reigning king of social media, with Facebook users watching more than one hundred million hours a day according to TechCrunch. Even Instagram, the social media site built around photography, is now dominated by video. User-made stories and videos see a lot more interaction from followers than still photography posts. Why is video more popular than ever? It’s more engaging, it tells a story, and it’s easier for viewers to consume. Marketing teams love video, too. HubSpot reports that “83% of marketers now say that video gives them a good ROI, up from 78%” in 2018.

The bottom line is this: video is something you can’t ignore when it comes to powerful social media marketing. So what are the best ways to mix video into your marketing campaigns? 

Tips for Great Videos on Social Media


Make It Eye-Catching

Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, you are going to be competing for attention within the user’s feed. Are they going to scroll by their friend’s post in favor of viewing your video? There is a good chance they will if it’s eye-catching. The auto-play feature on both platforms will help you catch their eye, too. Make sure the graphics and message are clear in the first couple of seconds. That way, there is less of a chance that they will scroll on by.

Keep Volume in Mind

Both Facebook and Instagram will auto-play videos, but most of the time the volume is off unless the user opts to manually turn it on. Because of that, your video should be easy to understand with or without the volume on. Make sure the images you use convey the message that you want. Adding text can be helpful, too, so the viewer can follow along without turning up the volume. 

Short is Sweet

Videos on social media need to be short. People want quick, “bite-sized” messages on social media. You’ll get a lot more views from a video that’s under a minute than one that’s five minutes or more. That’s especially true when you are using the video as the first-time contact point with a potential resident. Think of it as an elevator pitch about why they want to learn more.

Provide a Way to Follow Up

Make sure you provide a way for viewers to follow up with you once they’ve watched your video. It’s easy to include a screen with your website address or a button to bring them to a contact page. Don’t end up putting a lot of effort into your video, only to forget to provide your audience with a call-to-action to take the next step. It’s a great way to build up your conversion rate.

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Let Personality Shine

Video is the perfect platform to let some of the personality of your facility shine through. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. If you have a lighthearted tone in your marketing, carry that through to your video. Video can be “looser” than website content or even email marketing. It’s okay to play a little with your video and get creative.

Get Residents Involved

Video feels more personal than reading a message on the screen. Because of that, it can be incredibly effective to get your residents involved in making great videos. People like to watch videos that tell a story. Encourage residents to share theirs. After all, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing out there. Hearing from the residents themselves can be a powerful way to convert viewers and make them feel like they are getting insight into life at your facility. As an added bonus, it will make your social media marketing metrics improve.

Consider Going Live

Take advantage of the ability to go live on both Facebook and Instagram. Live streaming videos of special events like holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and even day-to-day events like dinner can be a great way to increase engagement with viewers. They’ll love the “behind the scenes” glimpse into the lives of your residents. It’s an unpolished messaging tactic that can be really effective with potential residents as well as those looking for homes for their loved ones. 

Facebook Best Practices

  • Videos should be under a minute. You can upload videos that are much, much longer, but engagement is best among videos that are about a minute or under.
  • Upload directly to the platform. Some marketers link to videos uploaded to YouTube. You can do this, especially if view counts are important to you. However, videos uploaded directly to Facebook tend to perform better overall.
  • Take advantage of the call-to-action option. Facebook gives your business page the option to include a call-to-action under the video. Use this! You can opt for prompts like “call now” or “learn more” to direct viewers to the next step. 

Instagram Best Practices

  • Videos should be under 30 seconds. Instagram gives you 60 seconds for a video, but the best performing videos are around the 30-second mark. 
  • Get personal with content. Even more than Facebook, Instagram is the place to get personal with content. Viewers love stories and behind-the-scenes type of content.
  • Avoid the hard sell. A lot of Instagram viewers are there because they appreciate that the platform limits the number of ads they see. If your account feels like a hard sell, they are more likely to unfollow. Don’t use Instagram for your sales pitch. Instead, focus on personality and lifestyle.

Learn More About Integrating Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

More and more seniors are getting online. Facebook use is declining among the 24 and under age group, but according to the AARP, the platform is growing thanks to those aged 55 and over. Instagram has more than 11.5 million American users aged 55 and older, according to eMarketer.com. You need to get your videos in front of that audience.

Working with an experienced social media marketer can help! Contact us today to get a free consultation on our marketing services for your senior living community. We can help you develop an effective campaign planning template. This will make it easy to integrate powerful video messages into your social media presence!

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