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Every senior living community needs a marketing strategy to keep functional. Without a solid sales strategy, you cannot satisfy the needs of your current residents, nor attract new ones. Also, other organizations that offer the same services as you do will whisk you out of the market. Whether you are targeting a large crowd, or simply looking for a few rehab patients, you need a good sales strategy to keep afloat. 

What is a Sales Strategy?

sales strategy refers to a plan that an organization puts in place to build its brand, drive sales, and increase the company’s revenue. While every company can have its unique sales strategy based on the needs of its business, resources available, and the timelines, these tips will help you write a good sales strategy for your senior living community.

1. Understand Your Target Market

When you understand your target market, you know the right people to reach with your marketing strategy and the best tools to deploy to help you reach them. Knowing your target market helps you to write your sales messages in the right tone for your prospects and to use the right channels of communication. When you develop a sales strategy without understanding your target market, you end up spending a lot of money on sales without reaching the right people who can buy your services and products. A good example is a company who sells women’s shoes has no business targeting a children’s audience.

Knowing your target market also helps you to know other people you should reach to make a sale. For your senior living community, you will need to address your marketing and sales messages to the seniors, but also to the older children who take care of these seniors. Understanding your target market helps you to use limited resources in targeting the right audience to make sales.

While developing a sales strategy for your senior living community, consider who makes the decisions. Most seniors do not make the decision about the assisted living facilities they can go to. Make sure to know who decides on their behalf so that you can develop a sales strategy that best fits them.

2. Allocate a Sufficient Budget

How can you make a sales strategy without a budget to back it up? A sales strategy will only be effective if it has an appropriate budget to meet its needs. Do you have enough resources to actualize your strategy? How many sales team members do you need to reach your target market and sell to them?

When creating your budget, it is essential to understand your goals and how much you have to invest. Most importantly, you must also note how quickly you want the results. Having a big dream for your senior living community is not wrong, but be sure to put enough resources in place to actualize your sales strategy. Without appropriate resource allocation, your sales strategy will fail, and your team will be too frustrated to work.

Depending on the size of the organization, some senior living communities only have a few sales people. This should not make you ignore creating a good budget. Apart from the sales team salaries, you also need to provide adequate funds for Facebook Ads, community outreach, and creating a sales brochure to handout during the tours. 

When allocating resources for the sales and marketing of your senior living community, you must also put metrics of success in place. These metrics will help you to know which marketing strategies have worked in reaching the target market, generating leads, and making sales. The metrics also help you to know which approaches did not work and if the procedures can be fixed or must be abandoned entirely for the overall success of the sales strategy. At the end of a marketing cycle, you should know whether to pump more money into TV ads or Facebook marketing. Such insights help you to know the future possibilities of your marketing and sales strategies.

3. Know Your Competitive Advantage

While creating a good sales strategy, you must analyze your competitive advantages.  You are not the only person with a senior living community; there are so many options that your target market can choose over you. Therefore, you must give them reasons to choose you. What do you offer differently? What is your unique selling point? For example, a foods manufacturer can thrive on mentioning that they sell organic foods— not genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A school can mention that they focus on the holistic growth of the learners and not just academic excellence.

To help you know your competitive advantage, pick up a pen and paper and analyze your competitors in great detail. Know what they offer, the prices they charge, and their market share. Analyze your abilities and find out the unique value you can offer to your customers to beat the competition.

4. Consider the Customer Experience


When creating a sales strategy, you must consider the experience of your customers. The customers do not just want the services you offer— they demand a better experience while dealing with your organization. Is it a hassle for your customers to find your senior living community? Does it take multiple phone calls for prospective residents to schedule a tour?

Understanding your customers’ behaviors and unique needs helps you to create a better customer experience when they deal with your organization. While older people will prefer to meet with you to get more details about your senior living community, their younger children will prefer to chat with you online. Always keep in mind that a better user experience actualizes your quest for profits.

5. Implement Your Sales Strategy

Well, you have done the hard task of putting a sales strategy in place. However, without implementing your strategy, you will sell nothing. Know how to implement your sales plan. Allocate tasks and gear your sales team towards the overall goal of the organization. Monitor what works and what doesn’t, then forge ahead with a clear vision for your senior living community.

While every business needs a unique marketing and sales strategy, these points can help you put everything into perspective and give you a clear picture of your sales possibilities. For more information on what we do or for a free consultation, give us a call at (844) 408-4081.

The Process

√ Voice of Customer Research

√ Messaging Framework

√ Marketing & Sales Alignment

√ 4-Month Marketing Action Plan

√ . . . and so much more!