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In senior living communities, lead nurturing is an important aspect. Seniors and their relatives have more numerous options than ever before. It’s up to salespersons to convince prospects to choose their senior living facility and not their competitors’. Regrettably, many senior living facilities struggle with lead nurturing, as the assisted living occupancy rate continues to decrease. This article offers useful insights for senior living operators to use in lead nurturing to increase occupancy rates and improve their bottom line.   

Why Use Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing helps you to educate prospects on your senior living facility and its offerings. It enables you to establish trust and boost the probability that the prospect will settle for your facility when it’s time to make a decision. It’s all about creating a relationship with a lead before pushing a sale on them. Nowadays, consumers are no longer impressed by only flashy web designs and online presence; they want assurance that their interests are prioritized.

Consumers want facilities that are reliable and continually provide value; they want the relationship to be nurtured. Why is lead nurturing important? It increases sales by 20%, revenue by 10%, and improves conversion rate by 30%. Below are various ways for nurturing the “not ready” to buy leads.  


Lead nurturing campaigns in your senior living facility should be personal. Email is the best and most effective tactic that you can use for lead nurturing. Each email you send should be customized to the interests and demographics of your prospects and include the name of the recipient. Ensure that your emails do not sound automated or like a mass “blast.”

How do you personalize your email? It’s simple; you can start by adding the prospect’s name on the email. Other tactics include employing list segmentation to target specific groups and including a prospect’s company or location details. Personalized emails have positive outcomes for higher revenue –six times more– than generic emails. Apart from email, you can also personalize marketing messages on your website. For instance, you can include a smart and dynamic CTA.  


Educating your prospects is an essential step in lead nurturing. The education you offer your prospects should be tailored to offer them the information they need in their current phase in the buyer’s journey.

The Awareness Phase

In the awareness phase, you should provide prospects with data on the latest trends and industry statistics. This would include statistics on seniors moving to assisted living facilities and their welfare at the facilities. Also, include trends in senior living facilities such as the use of technology to boost the satisfaction of occupants.

The Consideration Phase

In the consideration phase, you can invite leads to a webinar on your offerings. For example, you can invite prospects to watch videos about your senior living facility. It can be a trip around the facility or customer testimonials about living in the residence.

The Decision Phase

In the decision phase, you can share with your prospects client success stories and reviews. You can invite prospects to read online and offline reviews about your facility. You can also share with them occupants’ stories and their experience living at your facility. Invest in multichannel lead nurturing using email marketing, social media, direct sales outreach, and paid retargeting.

Set a Schedule

A best practice in lead nurturing is to set an optimal lead nurturing email schedule. Avoid sending nurturing emails daily because they become too much and contribute to prospects unsubscribing. Develop a routine for sending nurturing emails that not only allow prospects to digest the information you provide, but also help keep your facility in the mind of the lead.


Don’t Send Every Lead Every Email

Every prospect is different and probably in a different phase in the buying journey. Therefore, it makes no sense to nurture your leads using the same email. Every lead should be nurtured uniquely and effectively depending on their individual demographics and stage in the buying journey.

Factors to Consider

You can group your leads using influential traits like age, location, and interest. This way, you send them relevant information and increase the likelihood of earning their attention and clicks. What happens if your leads are not responding to your sales calls? You can reengage them by offering incentives and requesting feedback.

Create an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead nurturing starts when a prospect shows interest in your senior living facility. You don’t have to wait until they express purchase intent; you can nurture them to expressing the intent. However, you should ensure that the lead is a good fit. A lead cannot convert if it is not a good fit regardless of the amount of nurturing you conduct. A good lead for your senior living facility is interested in your offerings and can afford your services. You can track lead behavior such as email and website analytics to determine the level of interest they have in your facility.  You shouldn’t ignore uninterested leads because they can refer someone to your facility or make a purchase in the future.

Lead Scoring

After determining a lead’s fit and interest, you proceed to lead scoring, where you assign a value to the lead. Decide the minimum score that the prospect should earn before you contact them. After lead scoring, a lead is placed in the lead nurturing campaign. A leading nurturing campaign intends to offer prospects guidance down the marketing funnel. It aims to engage the lead in the entire buying process. Many lead nurturing campaigns consist of 3-5 nurturing emails sent to prospects in 2 months’ duration. The emails contain relevant content and calls-to-action to encourage prospects to convert. Upon conversion, a prospect becomes a customer and is placed in a new lead nurturing campaign.

The Benefits

Although lead nurturing may feel like a complex process, it is beneficial for senior living communities. Lead nurturing has positive outcomes for improving conversions, generating sales, and increasing revenue. You can boost the success of your lead nurturing efforts by devising a plan and setting clear goals. In the senior care industry, empathetic communication, speed to lead, personalized messages, and consistent communication make the difference between converting and losing a lead.

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