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Senior living communities face intense competition as more assisted living facilities come up every day. Therefore, a sales strategy is essential for the survival of any senior living community. The success of your senior living community depends on your ability to target customers objectively. Positioning your facility in the marketplace requires your salespeople to do community outreach for clients. However, when your sales team lack a proper approach to sales, they waste resources and time out there. Below is a sales strategy action plan to help your sales team make the most of their sales efforts.  

1. Prospect Qualification

It should outline the criteria you will use to qualify a prospect as a high-probability potential customer. The primary determinants are the prospect’s engagement history and demographics. As you strive to grow your senior living facility, it is easy to get caught up in chasing all the prospects that come your way. But not all prospects that come your way will choose your facility. Prospects are not created equal, and while some turn into clients some do not. You should focus on quality leads as opposed to quantity leads.

To avoid wasting resources, you should concentrate on solid prospects that are likely to turn into sales and return your investment of time, money, and effort. How do you determine if a prospect is a good one? A good prospect has the following characteristics:

  • A need: a good prospect needs your service now. For example, an adult child of a senior citizen is a good prospect because he may be considering a senior living facility for the parent.
  • A sufficient budget: a highly qualified prospect has money to pay for the services you offer. Your facility needs paying clients to stay afloat. Your sales team must, therefore, streamline their search to target prospects with need and ability to pay.
  • Authority to buy: a strong prospect is prepared to take action. They have been researching about a senior living community and are ready to take action.

2. Sales Presentation

This is the connect stage between the client and the salesperson. A sales presentation is a great opportunity to progress and even close a deal. This is because the customer has shown some interest in your service by letting you make a sales pitch. A sales presentation determines if a prospect settles for your facility or your competitor’s. It is upon you to make the most of the presentation to persuade them to choose your facility.

Ensure you plan your sales presentation adequately to increase the chances of success. A salesperson should approach the buyer with a tailored message from their specific context. Do not use a generic presentation, make it relevant to the prospect, and connect your services to them. For example, if you are making a sales presentation to a prospect for your facility, you should sell its strengths. The prospect would like to know if your facility offers the comfort and warmth of a home to meet their needs. Ensure you emphasize on comfort and excellent service from your caregivers.  

Your presentation should have an objective. Do you want to make an immediate sale or create interest? You can make your presentation more appealing and convincing using visual aids. Show the prospects pictures and videos of your facility; it will make a big difference.       


3. Sales Objections

Sales objections are the reasons prospects give to decline the services you offer. A good sales strategy action plan should indicate how the sales team will react to the sales objections from prospects. Learning to deal with sales objections increases the chances of winning a client.

Among the common objections sales teams receive include ‘I don’t understand the value of your service’ and ‘am not ready for a buying conversation.’ You should be equipped with responses and resources to handle any objections that a prospect has. Your response should make a prospect likely to change his perspective on your services and alleviate any concerns.

For instance, among the objections you may receive when marketing your senior living facility are cost, privacy concerns, adjusting to life in the community, and lack of extensive medical care. It is fundamental that you respond to these concerns truthfully and build value based on the prospect’s unique needs. If a prospect is concerned about the high cost your facility charges, you should talk them into to seeing the value of the services and benefits your facility provides. Talk to them about their comfort and safety. Sales representatives should be prepared to anticipate objections and answer them skillfully.     

4. Closing Techniques

Closing is a make or break moment in a sales strategy action plan. Therefore, you should choose the right phrases to seal the deal. Great closing techniques help salespersons win deals. There are numerous closing techniques a salesperson can use to seal a deal ranging from the summary close to now or never close and question close.

A good example of a now or never closing technique is, ‘if you commit now, I can offer you a 10% discount.’ Such a technique is effective because it develops a sense of urgency and creates value. When closing the deal for your senior living facility, you can use a question close. The question close creates a desire to purchase in a prospect and gets rid of objections. You can close the sale by asking the prospect, ‘does our facility meet your needs?’ Closing techniques are vital skills for every salesperson to master.

5. Timeline

It determines the typical time for a sales process from the first contact to close. Qualifying timeline is a crucial part of the sales process. You should have a good handle on the timeline of each deal to avert a leaky sales funnel. When you take too long to close a deal, it may evaporate to nothingness or be pushed to the next cycle.    

A good sales strategy action plan is fundamental in attaining the sales and marketing goals of your senior living facility. As your facility strives to increase occupancy and boost profits, you should design a sales strategy action plan and train your sales team on effective sales tactics. For more information on what we do or for a free consultation, give us a call at (844) 408-4081. sales strategy

The Process

√ Voice of Customer Research

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√ Marketing & Sales Alignment

√ 4-Month Marketing Action Plan

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