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 As the owner or director of a senior living facility, your livelihood hinges on your ability to attract new residents to your community. This goal is best achieved with a well defined sales initiative that captivates prospective residents and their families. Below are 23 proven sales strategies for senior living. 


1) Start by telling prospective residents what’s in it for them

You may only have a minute to engage with prospective residents and their families, so you need to relate to prospects from the start. Lead with a convincing description of your facility’s most outstanding benefits and why your facility is the ideal solution to prospects’ need for a secure living environment.

2) Create a captivating sales pitch 

A captivating but succinct sales pitch is the cornerstone of successful conversions. In addition to defining the reasons why your facility is outstanding, a stellar pitch entices your prospects to want to hear more about why your community is the best senior living choice.

3) Feature testimonials and references

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools in your sales arsenal. 88% of prospects trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, outlining just how much you can gain by featuring testimonials and reviews on your website and marketing materials. Video testimonials are the most engaging type of testimonial and prospects are more likely to connect with them. 


4) Provide a 360 virtual tour of your community

A virtual tour is a convenient way to introduce your facility’s features and advantages to prospective residents and their families. You can then embed the tour onto your website and email campaigns to engage prospects.

5) Prioritize your prospects

Not all prospects are equal in terms of immediate conversion probability. For instance, an interested prospect who indicates that he plans to make a decision within the next 30 days is a hotter lead than a family member who expresses mild interest in considering your facility for a family member in one or two years. 

6) Feature case studies of happy residents

Few things will be more compelling to a prospective resident than case studies of seniors who truly enjoy living at your facility. Make sure each case study starts with the resident’s decision-making process and why the resident chose your facility.

7) Ask prospects to share their concerns

Inviting prospects to discuss their concerns keeps them engaged and shows them that you value them as potential residents. Strive to use active listening skills to show prospects that you understand their questions and reservations, and helps you to build a trusted relationship.

8) Keep an eye on your competitors

Monitoring your competition is one of the best ways to maintain an edge in your industry. You can track their activity by monitoring their social media feed, reading online reviews from families and residents, and listening to feedback from prospects who draw comparisons to your facility.

9) Attend industry trade shows and expos

Signing up for the next senior living-focused expo in your area will give you an opportunity to personally engage with prospective residents and their families. Additionally, you can showcase your latest news and community offerings.

10) Offer live chat on your website

Introducing live chat to your website can help you increase your conversion rates by 45%. Live chat gives you a chance to build a personal connection with seniors and their families while guiding them through the decision making process.

11) Make sure your website is senior-friendly

Creating a senior-friendly website is vital to ensuring that you can connect with seniors who will be making the ultimate decision regarding their living situation. Be sure that your website is organized, easy to navigate, and features 14 point or 16 point font.


12) Feature high resolution images of current residents



High-quality images of your facility’s property play a key role in telling a story about life at your senior living community. Be sure that your website includes images of your property as well as action-oriented images of residents participating in community-sponsored activities.

13) Avoid the use of industry jargon

Using clear language and limiting the use of industry jargon will help you convey your organization’s message to prospects. Be sure to use concise sentences and use section headers to organize written content about your facility.


14) Incorporate a live video message from your facility owner

Featuring a live video message on your website is a way for you to connect with people who want to know how you run your community. Keep the video short and be sure to include a verbal invitation to encourage prospects to visit your facility in person to learn more.  

15) Develop buyer personas for your senior community

Developing buyer personas will help you clearly define your target audience and appeal to their pain points. For senior living community prospects, this means gaining a better understanding of their habits, likes, and factors that will influence their selection of a community. 

16) Provide information that is relevant and helpful

You can establish yourself as a community leader by regularly providing useful information to prospects and residents. You can present helpful tips on your website, through your blog, and within your newsletters and other marketing materials. 


17) Encourage word of mouth referrals

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful strategies you can employ. Prospects are likely to trust information about your community when it is shared by a friend or acquaintance. In addition to this key benefit, word of mouth marketing does not cost your organization a dime.

18) Anticipate objections and be ready to respond to them

Objections and doubts are common when prospects are making a decision about an assisted living facility. Common objections include worries about cost, fitting in, and simply not being ready yet. Make sure that you are ready to help prospects overcome those objections.

19) Offer time-sensitive incentives

Time-sensitive discounts and incentives help shorten the sales cycle by creating a sense of urgency. Specific techniques that are effective include discounted monthly fees for a predefined time period, reduced up-front costs, and elimination of relocation costs.

20) Ask for feedback from current residents

Asking current residents to share their feedback and opinions about your facility achieves two goals: you will receive valuable insight into the thought processes of prospects while also making current residents feel valued


21) Showcase your latest new community additions

Use your website, newsletters, and email campaigns to highlight exciting new additions to your facility. Examples of items to highlight include a new indoor swimming pool or plans for a new onsite beauty parlor.


22) Find out the prospect’s preferred mode of communication

The majority of prospects will not make an immediate decision upon hearing your pitch. You will need to follow up with them over the next several weeks or months. Using the prospect’s preferred mode of communication will increase the chances of conversion.


23) Strive to master the art of follow up

Persistence and follow up are vital to convincing a prospective resident that your facility is the best choice. Unfortunately, nearly half of all sales representatives never follow up with prospects. Set yourself apart from the competition by getting the ball rolling with a follow up call the day after your initial meeting. Then, set reminders to follow up with prospects on specified dates.



The Bottom Line

By following the tips above, you can perfect your sales platform and attract more prospects to your community. To learn more about building a successful sales strategy for your organization, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to helping you expand your senior living community!


The Process

√ Voice of Customer Research

√ Messaging Framework

√ Marketing & Sales Alignment

√ 4-Month Marketing Action Plan

√ . . . and so much more!