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We offer a one-on-one Marketing Strategy Workshop for your staff outlining everything you need for discovering your audience, attracting quality leads, and converting them on your website. This can take place on site or via a webinar.

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At the start of all engagements, we must first get to know your customers and what kind of challenges they may have. We also need to know how they talk about your company. We’ll do this through a series of research tasks, both with you and behind the scenes:

  • Client interviews (3 of your top customers)
  • Staff interviews (sales, leadership, support staff)
  • Surveys/polls
  • Message mining
  • Content/site/keyword audit
marketing strategy
marketing strategy



In order to generate leads and nurture them into a proper sales funnel, you must first understand how to tell the story of your customers – This means how to overcome their objections, fulfill their needs, and help them reach their goals through effective storytelling. In this message framework, we’ll establish the pains, goals, and challenges of your customers.

Your unique message framework will be the guide for all that you do in your marketing/sales messages and calls to action. It’s through this framework that you will build trust and authority with your prospects while building a sense of urgency and need for action in order to accomplish their goals. This will include:

  • Buyer personas
  • Website framework
  • One-liner
  • Needs –> Features


Marketing and Sales Alignment

A sales alignment assessment is necessary to close the gap in the sales and marketing process. We intend to dive into the sales and marketing handoff and evaluate how the two departments coordinate, making recommendations moving forward. This is a precursor to a larger sales enablement engagement.

Your alignment check-up will include the following components:

  • Goals (revenue & net new clients)
  • Buyer profiles
  • Definition of MQLs
  • Reporting KPIs
marketing strategy
marketing strategy


Marketing Action Plan

We use all the data that was gathered in the previous sections to map out a 6-month action plan for marketing implementation. Note, this is not the actual development and deployment of the action plan but is the entire step-by-step process laid out in detail. We’ll use HubSpot topic clusters/pillar strategy as the guiding light for ongoing content production and organic SEO reach. The action plan will include the following:

  • 2 Pillar/topic clusters presented
  • Pillar page outline + chapters
  • 16 blog posts, titled and outlined (8 from each topic cluster)
  • Direct CTA offer (BOFU)
  • Premium offer (TOFU)
  • Blog distribution strategy for social media calendar & engagement
  • Nurturing email series (workflow)
  • Homepage +1 other wireframe for conversion rate optimization

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