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Are you struggling to market for your senior living community in 2019? You’re not alone! These great tips can help you create or improve your marketing strategy so that you’re able to reach more potential customers and their families this year. 

Digital Marketing 

1. Check your images. Are you offering a clear representation of residents of all types: couples and singles? Men and women? Do you offer ethnic diversity? Make sure there’s plenty of diversity in all of your digital marketing. 

2. Keep your brand consistent across platforms.Your social media pages, your website, and your emails should all reflect the same community. Don’t leave potential residents and their families with questions about the way you represent yourself! Instead, make sure you have a solid brand image and voice. 

3. Learn more about your residents. What’s their story? What brought them to your senior living community? When you get to know your existing residents better, you can improve your marketing to help you better reach future members of your community. 

4. Optimize your content for mobile. Many people–including seniors and their families–use their mobile devices to browse for more information about almost anything, including potential senior living communities. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Check it out on your own device occasionally to be sure that it’s easy to read and that the right content is visible when the site pulls up. 

5. Take advantage of remarketing. Remarketing allows you to target ads to people who have already been to your website, increasing the odds that they’ll come back and potentially even visit your community in person. Consider remarketing on social media or through your Google Ads campaign. 

6. Market across multiple platforms. It takes many points of contact to attract a  new customer to any type of business, and a senior living community is a big decision for most seniors and their families. By marketing across more than one platform, you increase recognition of your brand and help raise interest in what your community has to offer. 

7. Consider where your potential residents are. These days, almost everyone has Facebook–including America’s older population. It’s less likely, however, that your target audience will be on Instagram or Snapchat. Market accordingly!

Event Marketing


8. Choose your event dates with care. Take a look at community calendars for sporting events, festivals, and other important events that could potentially attract the same people attending your event, and plan around them!

9. Take pictures at your events. Have multiple photographers on hand. The more pictures you take, the better the odds you’ll capture some amazing marketing material that will help you reach future residents. 

10. Follow up after the event. Collect contact information and get in touch as soon as possible!

11. Bring friends and family members in to events. Encourage seniors to bring others, whether they’re residents or just visiting for an event. Family members will feel more comfortable when they get a better look at your amazing community!

12. Take it online. Let residents indicate their plans to attend your event online. Not only will an RSVP increase the odds that they’ll attend, it will allow them to share it with their friends and family members. 

13. Send your staff out into the community. Host events that are free or low-charge. Have staff members speak at the library or at popular senior events. Your name will become better known throughout your community!

14. Take advantage of events to get to know seniors’ changing needs. Talk to them. Listen to them. What they have to say may influence future events or marketing materials. 

Website Marketing

15. Create and market your blog. The more content you create, the more people you can reach. 

16. Design a content calendar. You’ll know what you need to publish when, and your readers will get a better idea of when to expect new content from you.

17. Create landing pages. Help seniors navigate to precisely where you want them based on the content that brought them to your site. 

18. Design your website to add value to visitors. Don’t hide the valuable content behind email lists and paid content; instead, simply offer value to everyone who visits. It will help increase your brand image. 

19. Make your website easy to navigate. 

20. Build backlinks. Pay attention to leaders in the industry and try to get them to link back to your site. It will help significantly improve SEO. 

21. Pay attention to your competitors. You don’t want to perfectly duplicate their content, but you don’t want to miss out on something they’re doing, either. 

Paid Marketing

22. Focus on the right keywords. Know what seniors in your community are really looking for when they search for a senior living community. Focus on what makes yours stand out. 

23. Use proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar in your ads. Seniors, in particular, want to see clean ad copy. 

24. Avoid unfamiliar abbreviations. You want readers to understand what they’re getting when they visit your site!

25. Keep testing. See what types of ads do and don’t work for your target audience, and make alterations accordingly. 

26. Highlight local search terms. Most people who are looking for senior living communities care about where you’re located. It won’t help you to get targets from halfway across the country!

27. Track your ads. Get a solid idea of how they’re performing. 

28. Focus your paid marketing dollars where they matter. Evaluate which platforms are most likely to bring in results and focus on creating great campaigns for those platforms. 

Traditional Marketing

29. Build relationships with local media. It will help get news about your senior living community out there. 

30. Drop platforms that aren’t working. Yellow Pages ads, for example, now rarely bring in the kind of results you really want. 

31. Check out local events for marketing opportunities. A small sponsorship could get you some big marketing reach if you pay attention to the right areas. 

32. Ask for bonus coverage. When you do sponsor an event or group, ask them how they can add value to your sponsorship. Many will go above and beyond your expectations. 

33. Consider your mailings. Make sure they’re targeted to the right place and that you’re getting solid mailing rates. 

34. Use the right language. Positive language–senior living community, for example–often works better in marketing than words with more negative connotations. 

35. Pay attention to all types of leads. You never know who will become your next resident. Don’t pre-judge!

Creating a Great Call to Action

36. Every ad needs a great call to action. Let seniors know what move to make next if they’re interested in your community!

37. Make your call to action clear and easy to understand. Don’t confuse the issue with multiple calls to action or an unclear statement. 

38. Give a reason. Why should your readers take that action? Give them incentive. 

39. Use strong action words. A strong call to action is active, not passive. 

40. Evoke emotion. Making a decision about a senior living community is a big step. Evoke strong emotion to help increase senior response. 

41. Create the fear of missing out. What will readers miss out on if they don’t choose your community? If they don’t take this next action? Add those keys to your CTA. 

42. Try something different. Get creative with your CTA. It could help make your brand more memorable!

Marketing Plan Samples and Free Templates to Build Your Strategy

Do you need a more effective marketing plan for your senior living community? Are you ready to build your marketing strategy? Don’t miss out on potential residents while you’re trying to get it sorted out! Instead, contact us today to learn how we can help.

The Process

√ Voice of Customer Research

√ Messaging Framework

√ Marketing & Sales Alignment

√ 4-Month Marketing Action Plan

√ . . . and so much more!