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Senior living communities are a type of niche property. You’re looking to promote your community to a very specific group of people. That’s why it’s critical to make your advertising dollars work smarter as opposed to harder by targeting the right audience to receive your message. The best way to do that is by adopting proven internet marketing strategies. 

Instead of casting a wide advertising net and hoping for the best result, digital marketing lets you find and target your audience. You can advertise your property to the senior citizens (and their loved ones) who are most interested in living in your community. 

Let’s look at some of the best internet marketing strategies for senior living communities: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are several areas in which a senior living community’s internet marketing strategies can take advantage of SEO to draw more attention from future residents online. 


Your website is your property’s most valuable advertising and marketing resource. Using specific keywords in the description of your property and its services will help draw more attention and, in turn, help future residents to find out more about what you can offer. You’ll put your services in front of the audience who most needs them. You can address common concerns of your future residents and their families such as the quality of care they’ll receive, the credentials of the staff, and the standards of the community’s facilities. 

Your website should have an “About” section, describing your property and the values your facility believes in. You should also have a “Contact” page that asks future residents to sign up for your email list. This is how you stay in touch with future residents after they’ve left your website. 


Creating a blog with multiple posts on topics related to the interests of those living in senior communities will enhance your site’s SEO. It gives you more opportunities to target the keywords that seniors and their families will search for as they look for a community online. 

Increasing the likelihood of a potential customer finding your property online isn’t the only benefit of having a blog, however. 

Producing regularly scheduled blog posts packed with relevant and valuable content establishes you as a thought leader in the senior community living space. It’s a showcase for your knowledge and expertise. By demonstrating this knowledge in the form of actionable blog posts you give away to potential residents for free, you highlight your competency and ability to provide superior care. Simply put: a blog is a great way to show those seeking care that you know what you are doing. You assure them that they’ll be in good hands. 

Video Marketing Strategies

Video is far and away the most popular form of content found online. You can use this to your advantage as you develop your internet marketing plan. There are several ways in which video content can help promote your property and get your message in front of more potential residents: 

Virtual Tours

Create professionally shot and edited videos giving future residents a virtual tour of your properties. This opens up the number of people to whom you can market. Future residents living outside your general area can have a detailed view of the premises without having to travel long distances to see it. 

You can also use these virtual tour videos to showcase your amenities. Whether you have a clubhouse, tennis court, or pool, you can create videos of your current residents enjoying them. 

Resident Testimonials

Resident testimonials are one of the most powerful persuasion tools you have available in attracting new residents to your property. They involve a psychological concept known as social proof. In this case, a resident testimonial from a current resident would convince future residents about the value and quality of your properties. 

Video Ads

You can combine both of the elements listed above to create a winning video ad that showcases all the strengths of your property. With the right paid media marketing strategy, you can make sure you get these ads in front of your desired audience. 

Paid Media Marketing Strategies


Establishing an online paid media strategy helps you get your message to not just the largest number of people, but also the right people. You can develop tailored ads and target the exact demographic to which you’re looking to appeal. The first step is to choose the right digital channels online for your properties. Below are a few suggestions on platforms that offer the ability to produce targeted ads with a high return on investment: 


Over 68% of adults in the U.S. use Facebook. One of the fastest growing groups using Facebook is senior citizens. Facebook also offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that makes it easy to set up and distribute ads to the demographic and location of your choosing. 

You can use a multimedia approach to developing effective Facebook ads. Pictures, videos, blog posts, and user polls can all make for effective sponsored content. 


While not as popular with seniors as Facebook, Instagram has over 48 million users over the age of 54. It also has over 400 million users between the ages of 25 and 44, the age at which many seniors’ sons and daughters may be helping their parents (or grandparents) find a senior community. 

Using Instagram, you can display stunning pictures and videos of your properties targeted at the people most likely to look for your services. 


YouTube ads allow you to place a short video in the pre-roll of an existing video. This is effective because you can choose to have your ad placed in front of a video viewed by your desired audience. 


Using internet marketing strategies to promote your senior living community is an effective way to get your message in front of the maximum number of future residents quickly. Rather than using traditional models that place static ads in places that may not reach your audience, using these strategies gives you the flexibility and precision to appeal to a very specific audience: senior citizens and their loved ones. 

The first step in this process is building your marketing plan. That’s where 408 Marketing can help. We can offer you sample marketing plans that you can use as a guideline while you get started. We also offer free templates you can use to help build your strategy. For more information on what we do or for a free consultation give us a call at (844) 408-4081.

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