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Creating an online identity for your senior living community is only as useful if your desired audiences knows about it. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

When crafting the digital strategy for your senior living marketing, you need a comprehensive tool that allows you to:

  • Create compelling content
  • Distribute that content to your audience – seniors and their families interested in your services
  • Establish easily repeatable processes to continually disseminate your messages to new and existing customers

The best tool for doing all of that is HubSpot, an online platform that helps you organize and manage all your digital and inbound marketing needs. In this post, we’ll tell you what it can do for you and why it’s the best tool for senior living marketing.

The capabilities HubSpot provides a senior living community

HubSpot gives you the ability to do a few things that will greatly benefit your organization’s marketing, including:

Creating content

As a content creator, your mission is two-fold:

  • Create content that informs your audience (seniors and their families) about what you do. You can also tell them why you’re the best option and better than your area’s competition.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the field of senior living. This positions you as an expert and helps you build trust with your potential customers.

You can create blog posts on your services or on best practices for senior living. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to target customers looking for your services in your area, answering frequently asked questions they may have on your facilities or your staff.

It offers proof of a return on your investment (ROI)

HubSpot can also provide you with valuable metrics on your website engagement, showing you what content your users interacted with most. You can then tailor your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

You can automate sales processes

Following up with potential customers can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. By tapping into HubSpot’s automation features, it allows you to schedule communication with your new and existing community members.

These capabilities are all important parts of your marketing strategy, but how exactly do you implement them? You use the tools provided by HubSpot.

HubSpot’s tools for senior living marketing

HubSpot has no shortage of digital marketing tools that will help you manage and execute your senior living community’s digital marketing strategy effectively.

Customer-relationship management (CRM) tool

Consider your CRM as the warehouse for your contacts. You can use it to store existing members of your community as well as leads who have expressed interest in living there. The CRM gives you the ability to view see the history of each person’s interaction with your website. You’ll also have the ability to segment your distribution list. That means you can keep current residents and future residents separate to allow for distinctive outreach.

Form builder

Having a fully stocked CRM is wonderful, but you won’t have anyone’s information if you can’t attract leads. That’s where the form builder comes in. When seniors and their families visit your site, you’ll need forms prompting them to sign up for more information on your community. This tool allows you to build customized forms.

Lead scoring

You’ll no doubt have some leads who are interested in your senior living community. You’ll have others who may just want the free product you’re offering as a lead magnet. Lead scoring helps you rate every lead, allowing you to focus more of your focus on the leads intending to live in your community.


You’ve built a form to attract leads and a CRM to store them in. Now you have to conduct your outreach. HubSpot provides you with tools to create custom templates for emails as well as the ability to send automated emails to your prospects. This is helpful when you have events within your community you want to remind members of or if you have an open house event you’d like to notify your leads about.


HubSpot provides you with a reporting dashboard that gives you customizable metrics to understand just how effective your senior living marketing strategy is performing.


Having a live chat feature on your website encourages real-time communication with leads as well as customer service support for your current community members. HubSpot’s Conversations function allows you to keep a log of all conversations recorded through your website. This is valuable for evaluating your customer interaction as well as keeping track of frequently asked questions.

Landing Page

Think of your landing page as an online business card. It’s where you can give your audience – the potential customer – the precise information they need to make you their senior living community of choice. You can give provide your contact information, physical address, office hours, and any other pertinent information interested future residents may have.


HubSpot Workflows allows you to build a cohesive strategy to guide your leads through the buying process. It will help you plan how to market to seniors, how to draw their attention, how to get them to choose you, then how to retain them.


A blog is a critical component of your content creation strategy. As noted above, a blog is a great way to showcase yourself as an expert in all things senior living. It’s also a great SEO tool that allows you to catch search engine users searching for the services you’re promoting.

How to know if your senior living organization is a good fit for HubSpot

If you have a team member on your senior living community’s staff dedicated specifically to inbound marketing who can focus on getting the most out of HubSpot, it’s a great tool for you. HubSpot’s suite of tools are constantly evolving, so you’ll need someone who can manage their use. You also need to have your senior living marketing strategy identified prior to using it – HubSpot provides you with the tools to execute, but not a strategy itself.

The cost of using Hubspot

HubSpot has a few pricing tiers. The more you pay, the more value you receive:

  • Free: this is the most basic level with limited services.
  • Starter, $50/month: At this level, HubSpot branding will be removed from all products you create with HubSpot as well as more advanced features.
  • Marketing Professional: $800/month: This is for those senior living communities who are really looking to invest in their inbound marketing. At this level, you get more SEO, content, social media, automation and video tools to use.
  • Marketing Enterprise: $3,200/month: At this level, you’ll receive 10,000 contacts in your list, predictive lead scoring, and customizable revenue and event reporting.

The level you opt for may depend on the size of your community, but typically you’ll see more value out of HubSpot’s tools starting at the marketing professional level.

When it comes to senior living marketing, you won’t find a better or more comprehensive tool than HubSpot. It brings all your digital marketing needs under one roof. If you need help getting started with HubSpot, contact us to schedule a consultation today