About our digital marketing agency

For over 10 years, 408 Marketing has helped businesses increase qualified leads, close customers, and enhance the reach and loyalty of their senior living brand. 408 Marketing works collaboratively with clients to help them connect with target markets, understand competitors, grow the right people and develop key strategies that will improve performance and bottom-line results. Our drive is to create a customer experience that is beyond expectation.


For our clients we have a vision, we support value-driven companies who have clearly defined growth goals and desire a marketing strategy that will align with their sales strategy and increase the rate at which those goals are achieved. 

We work with clients who are open to asking for help, who listen to new ideas and are willing to make a financial commitment to grow their business. Our clients have a clearly defined business direction and know what they want to accomplish. Our clients are respectful of our knowledge, appreciate our dedication to their success, and are the first to recommend us to their network. 


Continuous Learner

Love what you do and show it. A passion for learning is the energy that keeps us going. Everyone at 408 is passionate about becoming the best marketers.




Know what you need to do and own it. We never have to think about whether or not a teammate is going to pull their weight. We’re self-motivated, reliable, and dedicated to getting work done.

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FT Digital Marketing Project Coordinator

The person in this role will be extremely organized and able to help the digital marketing team keep track of current and ongoing projects. The successful candidate will understand the full aspects of marketing projects, keep projects on track, understand the roles of the digital team, ensure stakeholders are made aware of the project status, and help the team execute parts of projects when needed. This individual will collaborate with multiple departments to ensure that digital marketing projects are completed successfully, on-time, and executed with a high degree of accuracy and effectiveness. The ideal candidate will have a unique combination of technical ability, email/online marketing and social media acumen, and project management skills. 


As the Digital Marketing Specialist, you will manage the day-to-day of our digital marketing efforts including social media, Facebook Ads and content. In addition to monitoring our social channels, your day will consist of writing copy for social media platforms, email campaigns, and web pages, as well as assisting with the development and implementation of strategies for customers to help maximize our digital marketing efforts.


Courtney Boatin

Courtney Boatin


Passionate about empowering the senior living community to achieve more, Courtney Boatin has been in the digital marketing industry for the past ten years and experienced the exponential growth of the possibilities of marketing a business online. 

“This whole business started from a place of passion.”

After taking care of grandparents and her father during cancer, Courtney gained an appreciation for the amazing work assisted living, home care, and hospice businesses are doing every day and felt compelled to help them strengthen their message to ensure their growth and success.

Courtney now lives in Michigan with her husband, two kids, one dog, and one cat. You can find her enjoying friends and family in her free time and just maybe a good glass of wine.