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https://408-marketing.com/marketing-strategy/Convincing your boss that it’s time for a website redesign is easier than you think. However, you will need a plan. Before you suggest a redesign, make sure you do your homework and make a note of your website’s deficiencies and how a redesign could positively impact your business. Below are three easy steps to securing your boss’s approval for a website redesign.

Step One: Tell your boss why redesigning your website is so important

In today’s highly competitive online landscape, digital techniques are continually evolving. Maintaining a competitive edge in your industry is virtually impossible without a strong online presence. As you discuss a potential web redesign with your boss, be sure to emphasize that an attractive, mobile-friendly website with fresh content is the cornerstone of success for a growing business. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to update your website regularly:

  • Visitors will be more apt to stay on your site if you have a fresh, modern design
  • You will enhance your brand’s online reputation
  • A professional designer can increase your website’s security
  • Your search engine rankings will ultimately improve

Step Two: Show your boss your website’s deficiencies 

After you outline the reasons why a website redesign is in order, it is time to point out exactly why your website is in need of attention. Let your boss know that 88% of people will be less likely to return to your website if they have a bad experience during their first visit. A professional website redesign will identify these deficiencies in your website and address them. Here are some of the top points you should emphasize to your boss as you highlight the need for a website redesign:

1) Your website is not mobile-friendly

“Google is going to favor websites that are optimized for people using mobile and smartphone devices. Those websites are typically the ones that have incorporated a mobile responsive design.”

– David Trounce, Search Engine Journal

Photo of a businessman using mobile phone in the city

Your boss may not know it, but consumer activity on mobile devices has surpassed desktop activity, highlighting the need for your website to be mobile-friendly. Make sure your boss is aware that nearly 90% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand following a positive experience using their mobile devices. Then ask him or her to try to access your website using a mobile device. If your site fails to load quickly or looks terrible on a mobile device, your boss is likely to agree that a website redesign is in order.

2) Your website is not visually appealing 

If your website looks like it was created in the Dark Ages, it could be detrimental to your brand image. A redesign can transform an existing website from antiquated and cluttered to modern and clean. Additionally, the redesign process can ensure that your website content is fresh, useful, and visually attractive to prospects and customers. Here are some items that are covered during the redesign process:

  • Replace stock photos and blurry images with clear, high resolution images
  • Ensure that the fonts, colors, and messages on your website are consistent
  • Increase font size to 16-18 px to boost readability and improve appearance
  • Include headers to help key content elements stand out
  • Update your website’s layout to make it easy for visitors to find what they need
  • Replace dated 3-D graphics with modern, flat graphics  
  • Eliminate clutter to give your site a clean, organized appearance
  • Feature a stylish looking logo that takes you back to your homepage upon receiving a click
  • Create an organized site that includes plenty of white space
  • Replace generic default icons with custom favicons 
  • Ensure that your copyright date is current to lend confirmation that your business is operational
  • Feature trust badges that showcase your awards, certifications, and professional memberships
  • Strategically use color to compliment your brand 

3) Your website copy does not convey your message

“Capturing readers’ interests in this exploding digital universe can be immensely challenging. A study from analytics service Chartbeat found that 55 percent of visitors spend 15 seconds or fewer on a webpage. Good website writing is the key to beating these statistics. Well-written content that’s optimized for the web rises to the top of search results and holds readers’ attention.”


The website redesign process will do much more than give your website a facelift. A talented web designer will make sure that your website’s copy effectively convey’s your message. Here are some ways that an accomplished web design firm will ensure that your website features fresh, compelling copy: 

  • Enhance your website’s clarity to ensure that visitors know what your site is about
  • Feature testimonials and product reviews to build brand legitimacy
  • Tighten your navigation menu to help visitors access content as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that your contact page contains a physical address and contact details
  • Include a highly visible call to action on your site
  • Create an “About Us” page that tells visitors your company’s story
  • Develop an FAQ page that addresses pricing and commonly raised issues
  • Feature social sharing buttons that make it easy for visitors to share details about your company
  • Include a way for customers to share their email address or join your mailing list

Step Three: Contact Mark Brinker & Associates to Start the Redesign Process

Now that your boss agrees that your website needs to be redesigned, it is time to suggest an affordable, industry leader to manage the redesign process. As an accomplished web design firm, Mark Brinker & Associates specialize in transforming outdated websites. Whether your website has not been updated in four years, or you are simply seeking an experienced partner to perform regular content maintenance, Mark Brinker is ready to help you achieve your goals. 

To learn more about what we do or to receive a free consultation, give us a call at (844)-408-4081. No job is too small or too large for our firm, and we provide continued support from the minute you seek our services until long after we redesign your website. We look forward to serving as your trusted provider for all of your web design needs!

The Process

√ Voice of Customer Research

√ Messaging Framework

√ Marketing & Sales Alignment

√ 4-Month Marketing Action Plan

√ . . . and so much more!