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Your senior living sales team can aide in creating content that brings traffic to your senior living facility website. While you have most likely created valuable website content already, one of the ways to stay at the top of search engine rankings is to frequently generate content that is interesting and useful, resulting in website visitors who linger to read.

Luckily, you have an untapped resource at your disposal if your marketing and senior living sales teams aren’t actively engaging with each other frequently; as the internet speeds up sales cycles and changes them, it becomes more important than ever for sales and marketing to work together. One of the best ways to brainstorm new content initiatives and marketing campaigns when you need help with your messaging is to reach out to sales representatives who have represented your senior living facility brand and understand the target market intimately. Have a conversation where you ask the following questions. As you listen, think about how you can turn the answers into content for your website and other marketing initiatives.

What Are the Characteristics of Your Buyer Profile for Senior Living Sales?

While you most likely already have your own buyer profile information, make sure that it fully matches the demographics that the sales team sees. What are the reasons that people seek out your senior living facility? Where in their journey do they tend to be, and are they shopping for specialized care such as memory care or inpatient rehab on the premises? While there are certain common characteristics in buyer profiles for all senior living facilities, there are plenty that vary: if you are in a destination location, you may be marketing to demographics who currently live far away, or you could be most successful marketing within a few miles of your facility to the children of your prospective buyers who live nearby. Your sales representatives will have lots to say about who tends to be the buyer they encounter most.

Who Else Inquires About Senior Living Who Might Appreciate More Content?

When you are marketing a senior living facility, there are many people’s lives who are touched by the decision. Discuss carefully with your sales team as to who tends to make initial inquiries, who participates in move-in or who visits frequently, and who may be involved tangentially with the buyer’s decision. When you know more about their connections to the sales process, you can begin to target marketing campaigns that address their concerns and their “stake in the game” as well.

What Makes a Lead Particularly Promising to You?

While marketing often has a different definition of a “qualified” lead than sales does, it only makes sense to know what makes for an exceptional sales team lead. You can create more content for those who are “considering a senior living facility in the next 2-3 years” if you know that this is a common sub-group within your leads. This content keeps nurturing marketing leads until they feel like they are part of your senior living family when they are ready to make that move.

What Resistance Do You Encounter in the Senior Living Sales Process?

One of the best ways to reduce resistance to moving to a senior living facility is to know what kinds of objections people have during the sales process and address them in the content of your marketing work, especially inbound marketing content. For instance, if a common worry is a loss of independence, content about the independent aspects of the most independent options at your senior living facility would be very useful. This content helps prospects to recognize which aspects of the process they were worried about and address those concerns head-on.

What Questions Are You Asked Most Often By Prospective Senior Living Residents and Their Families?

Similar to resistance, the questions that people ask most when looking for a senior living facility can be very enlightening. Many people don’t understand degrees of assisted living or the benefits that come with these tiered levels of support until they are investigating the senior living facilities in their area for the first time. If your marketing team can offer comprehensive, thoughtful guides about what is included at every level, as well as guidance on other frequently asked questions, you’ll drive more organic search to your site and leads will be more ready for the sales process when they become SQLs. Your sales team can probably rattle off a top-10 list of most commonly asked questions, and if you can create content to address each one, you’ll bring in more and more web traffic for those common questions.

How Do You Stand Out Among the Competition?

Sales teams in senior living, for better or for worse, have to hear some frank opinions about how their facilities “measure up” against other facilities that a given family is considering. This experience should be mined to help you stand out from the crowd! Talk to your sales representatives frankly about what makes them most nervous, as far as the competition is concerned, and how they tend to seal deals based on their comprehensive knowledge of the facility they are selling. Where you have an advantage, make sure that you are sharing that advantage through marketing campaigns; where you worry that you others appear better, brainstorm creative content that can help people recognize the value of the services you do offer. Knowing about the relative benefits and drawbacks of the most direct competition – including the benefits seniors see in aging in place, which is a passive form of competition – makes it easier to create excellent content that moves your brand forward.

By cultivating a positive relationship with sales, you can make sure that you are the first to know when a new trend is happening: for example, grandchildren might be asking new, different questions in conversations about their grandparents, for instance, that you should be addressing head-on in your marketing materials. A good relationship with sales means that they’ll actually come to you with the ideas for your next campaign!

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