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Are you ready to promote your latest, greatest event? Are you hoping to do something spectacular–something that will help you reach out to potential residents or delight your existing residents? Try some of these fantastic event promotion ideas and tips to ensure that your next event reaches the right people and delights them more than ever before.

1. Focus on SEO optimization.

If people are searching for senior living events in your area, you want them to be able to find you! Highlight your event through Google with well-crafted landing pages, links throughout your website, and a map with the event address. Learn more about SEO here.

2. Create a Facebook event promotion.

Don’t forget to promote it through a boost or ad!

3. Get your residents to help spread the word.

Ask them what they’re most excited about for the coming event, then post some of their answers on social media. Make it shareable!

4. Ask residents for pictures of past events.

Many of them can’t wait to show off what they did at the last event, and you want to be sure to take advantage of it! You can post their pictures yourself as part of your new event or ask them to do the posting.

5. Create a hashtag for event advertising.

Use it in all of your social media promotions and ask attendees to do the same. That way, those posts shared will show up as part of the event.

6. Involve other people attending your event.

Do you have someone coming to show your seniors how to do something special? Artists coming to display their work? Invite them to help create (and spread) promotional materials.

7. Download our event planning checklist.

Did you know that there are two stages to event planning? Are you sure you’ve checked off every box? Download our event planning checklist to ensure that you don’t miss any of the details of your event promotion.

8. Test the success of your marketing efforts.

Learn what works for your specific target audience, then make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to utilize those venues in the future. What works for someone else’s audience won’t necessarily work for yours–so test it out and get a better idea of exactly what will!

9. Create some great event graphics.

The best way to have your event marketed for you is to get others to share it, so create fantastic graphics that will encourage seniors to share information about your event. This could be anything from a fall prevention tips infographic to a comic about your event!

10. Segment your email lists for the event.

You need a list for residents, people who have attended your events in the past, and adult children of potential future residents, for example. Make sure you’re sending out appropriate emails for everyone on your list! Learn about email marketing strategies for your event promotion here.

11. Use ad retargeting to your full advantage.

Retarget ads to people who have checked out your senior living community website in the past, for example. Those who are on the fence about your community may be more likely to come in and check out an event.

12. Tell stories about what’s going on at your event.

Invite residents to share stories about past events, then post them! Be sure to ask questions about their favorite parts or about funny tales they have from past events. It may surprise you just how much interest those generate.

13. Don’t make it all promotional.

In addition to promotional content about your event, use this opportunity to provide informational content related to the theme of the event. When you show yourself useful to potential event-goers, they’ll be more likely to visit the event itself.

14. Make your event something special.

It’s not just about the marketing. Create a personal connection by inviting family members, community celebrities, and surprises so it will be something that event-goers will be sure to talk about for weeks to come and that will encourage others to attend the event next year.

15. Keep spreading information.

Marketing doesn’t stop after the event is finished. After it’s over, take the opportunity to share what happened at the event, who came, and some of the highlights. You want to show that your community is a great place to visit–and encourage people to check out more of your events in the future.

16. Highlight your donors, presenters, and partners.

Who partnered with you to make this event happen? Keep highlighting them and their contributions even after the event is over.

17. Create better event promotion content.

Before you start promoting your event, take a look at your content calendar. Does it include content that’s relevant to the upcoming event? If not, it should! Consider the season and what event-goers are looking for, then shape blog posts designed to include information that will catch their attention.

18. Take advantage of lookalike audiences.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all allow lookalike marketing–that is, they’ll allow you to find audiences just like the ones who have visited your site or attended your events in the past. This will help you spread the word to a wider range of individuals who might be interested in your event.

19. Check your email signature.

Your team makes dozens of email contacts every day. As you’re leading up to a big event, check your email signature. A few words about that upcoming event could significantly increase awareness and, therefore, attendance.

20. Offer some exclusivity.

Consider specific sessions that event attendees need a ticket to get into, or offer specific sessions just for residents. The sense of exclusivity may encourage more people to attend your event.

21. Be part of the local senior community.

It’s not just about what you’re doing in your senior living community. Network at other senior living events to spread your reach and interest them in everything your community has to offer.

22. Check your event tickets.

Are you hosting an event that requires a ticket to attend? Make sure you don’t offer merely run-of-the-mill, vanilla tickets. Offer early bird pricing, prepare special group discounts, or consider other ticket types that might encourage people to make a decision about your event earlier than they initially planned.

23. Offer incentives to people already attending the event.

Offer a special prize for someone who sells the most tickets or spreads the word furthest on their social media platform. This simple step will encourage them to keep marketing for you–and often, they’ll have more reach than a professional hired to accomplish the same goals.

24. Create a post-event survey.

During or immediately after the event, send out a digital survey using an easy tool like Survey Monkey to gauge the success of the event and how you can improve in the future.

25. Utilize your newsletter for event promotion.

If you’re hosting a big event, consider putting in more than just a short blurb about the event to help build interest and encourage excitement within the community. On the other hand, make sure that your newsletter doesn’t end up just being about your event: you still want it to offer genuinely useful information to members of your community or others receiving the newsletter.

26. Start with an event marketing plan.

You can’t afford to go marketing your event blindly. Instead, start with an effective plan that will allow you to market your event from beginning to end.

27. Look into groups on Facebook.

What senior groups already exist across Facebook for your geographic area? If seniors are already coming together, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to build excitement about your upcoming event by sharing valuable details about what’s coming. Learn how here, but remember…

28. Don’t spam advertisements about your event.

This is true both across your social media feeds and within groups. Spamming repeat posts will get you kicked out of groups or blocked by individuals, which means they won’t be able to see your information at all. Instead, try offering solid input in a variety of different ways–your event being just part of it.

29. Use Facebook and Instagram stories.

These quick videos are a hit on social media. Not only will they help increase exposure, but they will also help many people feel more connected to your event and your community.

30. Stay away from stock images.

Don’t use the same images to promote your event that you would use in other circumstances–and certainly, don’t just pull up random stock images of seniors interacting or taking care of specific tasks. Instead, incorporate unique images: pictures from past events, specially-designed logos and infographics, or images of your community.

31. Track the conversation.

If you’re using hashtags to for event promotion, it’s even easier to see what other people are saying about it. When you monitor the conversation, you’ll learn what people have to say about your event and control the narrative, building excitement.

32. Consider providing transportation.

Some seniors may struggle to get to your event because they can no longer drive. Consider offering special tickets that include transportation or offering low-cost transportation to and from your event to help increase attendance and build appreciation.

event promotion

33. Put up flyers in the places your audience can be found.

Check out local coffee shops or restaurants you know seniors in your community visit on a regular basis. Make sure you know the policy for posting flyers in those locations; however, a little local advertising can go a long way toward building excitement!

34. Send direct mail.

Direct mail is highly effective for marketing to seniors. If you purchase a mailing list, rather than creating your own, make sure you are using a reputable source known for getting good results.

35. Consider the weather.

Before you even start thinking about marketing your event, think about your timing. For example, if you’ll be putting together an event in June, you probably won’t want to host it during the hottest part of the day.

36. Attend other local senior events.

Check out what other events within your community are already doing. Take the time to visit them. You might consider setting up a booth at a local event or even partnering with them to help build interest in your upcoming event.

37. Offer a gathering space for attendees to continue socializing after the event is over.

Take the opportunity to pass out surveys and gather verbal or video feedback, thus improving your event planning and your marketing experience next year.

38. Ask for input from your residents.

Ask them what they want to see from the event or what they’re expecting. Listen to what they have to say, then adapt the event accordingly. This simple step can help you create an event that is overall much more successful.

39. Offer event promotion freebies.

Many seniors in your local city will come out for freebies with smiles on their faces and an unexpected bounce in their step. Offer something free: a free health screening, free products, free coupons. Often, this simple word–“free”–will increase event attendance!

40. Get to know local influencers.

Are there seniors in your community who seem to know everyone? Are there people who are often a driving force behind events and fun? Get to know those individuals and encourage them to share information about your event. That simple step can help significantly increase the number of people who attend.

41. Design a video “trailer” for the event.

Video has become an increasingly popular way to market, and with good reason! Put together a video trailer that will increase interest and encourage event attendance.

42. Create a mascot.

Or, conversely, borrow one in the local area and ask them to attend your event. A mascot helps make your event memorable and encourages attendance at the same time.

43. Invite a local journalist.

They’re always looking for human interest stories. If your event qualifies, you could significantly increase local awareness by notifying local journalists.

44. Create event swag.

Whether it’s a great bag, a fantastic t-shirt, or a water bottle, swag can help encourage interest and promote the event for next year. Even better, offer vouchers for free swag to people who win contests or who buy tickets early as you get closer to your event.

45. Video, video, video.

That’s three times the video for before, during, and after the event. Keep your audience engaged by utilizing your smartphone to show people what’s coming, what they’re missing, or what a fun time was had by all. Video is a highly effective marketing tool, and to use it to full advantage, make sure you’re including it in all your event promotional plans.

It’s time to start event planning for your senior living community, and you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the important details. We’re here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help with your marketing efforts.