Senior Living Digital Marketing

We implement strategic marketing solutions that ensure your continued growth and success.

Do you struggle to keep your census above 90%? Are you short on time to revamp your marketing?

How We Keep You Growing

For over 10 years, 408 Marketing has helped businesses increase qualified leads, close customers, and enhance the reach and loyalty of their senior living brand. 408 Marketing works collaboratively with clients to help them connect with target markets, understand competitors, grow the right people and develop key strategies that will improve performance and bottom-line results. Our drive is to create a customer experience that is beyond expectation.

Why Work With Us?

You want an agency that charges ahead but doesn’t leave you in the dark. You want to be involved in the strategy and trust in the execution. You want a partnership that delivers but still enjoy the relationship. You want change, you want more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is our specialty.

When you shift your digital marketing strategy towards solving problems future residents and their families have, as well as promoting content that appeals to them, you begin to attract a very qualified group of people.

Our digital marketing approach encompasses a strategic mix of customer research, website optimization, social media and email automation, lead generation and nurturing, and sales funnel development. See all service offerings.


Together, we will create a plan that will deeply entrench your internal and external customers into community life and create top of mind awareness on your behalf, leveraging relationships to enhance the lives of your residents and drive better occupancy results. Learn more.


From initial planning and research, through design and development, testing and launch, and post-launch marketing — this chart illustrates 408’s web development process and shows how our team connects with you every step of the way. Learn more.

Digital Marketing Case Study /

John Ganton’s Countryside Retirement Community

 John Ganton's Countryside Retirement Community

The Problem

Census numbers that dipped below 90%, had a sales process but the follow through was lacking, opening a new memory care facility that needed to be filled, and a very outdated website.

The Solution

Complete website redesign, sales process overhaul with a new CRM and email drip campaigns, online tour scheduling, Facebook advertising for staff recruitment and increasing census. We also implemented a full digital marketing strategy that included HubSpot software, content marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media, and video.

The Results

Census consistent at 97% – Improved staffing and great retention – A sales process we can ramp up as needed.

Freshen up your Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy knowledge.

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